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    • Journal 047

    • Journal 047

    • Race, Segregation, African American Men, African American Women, African American Literature, African American Family, Poetry, Government, United States

    • Journal 47 was written in February to June and October 1954. Margaret Walker writes about plans for a house. She hopes to move into a new house quickly. The children are living with her mother and she wants a home for her family soon. She writes...
    • Journal 053

    • Journal 053

    • Family, Church, Autobiography, Black Author, Segregation, Government, United States, Politics, Religion, Bible, Prayer, Holidays-Christmas

    • In this journal, which span from August to December 1957, Margaret Walker generally writes about her personal, work and family life. She begins the journal by writing about the many things that were keeping her very busy during the time. She goes...
    • Journal 070

    • Journal 070

    • John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, America, Astrology, Dallas, Medgar Evers, Communism, Bobby Kennedy, Roman Catholic Church, African American Family, African American Men, African American Women, United States, Government, Politics,...

    • Margaret Walker begins this journal discussing the financial publishing woes that plague her life and the financial constrain of the holidays. She writes about the death of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 but believes that all the...
    • Journal 071

    • Journal 071

    • African American Women, African American Men, African American Literature, Literature, Civil Rights Movement, President Lyndon B. Johnson, President John F. Kennedy, Socialism, Mississippi, Religion, Sydney Poitier, African American Family, United...

    • Journal 71 covers the period from February to April 1964. Margaret Walker has made changes in her name; she is now Margaret Walker Alexander. She searches her soul to develop solutions for many difficult situations and reflects upon herself to...
    • Journal 086

    • Journal 086

    • United States, Politics, Government, Education, Racism, Blacks, Literature, Women writer, Richard Wright, Family, Holiday-Easter, Biography, Black Panthers, Jackson State, African American Writers

    • In journal 86, which was written from January to October 1970, Margaret Walker started writing about the on going presidential election and the speech made at the State of the Union. She goes on to write about how Black Panthers are calling for a...
    • Journal 088

    • Journal 088

    • WLBT Case, Astrology, Travel, Cookery, Africa, Europe, Richard Wright, Politics, Race, Family, Government

    • Journal 88 covers the period from April 1971 until July 1971. Margaret Walker was asked to testify in the FCC case against WLBT. Her love of cooking and fine cuisine is detailed in this journal as well. She plans dinner parties for friends and such...
    • Journal 094

    • Journal 094

    • Family, Religion, Astrology, Health, Cookery, Government, Richard Wright, African American Scholar, African American Families

    • Journal 94 was written from 1974 to 1975. Margaret Walker writes about her 25 years of teaching and her devotion to her students, she attended governor reception, she writes about her battle with cancer and Firnst James Alexander, Jr and Pat...
    • Journal 098

    • Journal 098

    • Astrology, Family, Cookery, Women Scholar, Religion, Creative writing, Black, Economics, Government

    • Journal 98 was written in 1976. The beginning part of this journal talks about Margaret Walker trip to speak at the National Black Artist Convention. She explains genius as work of art and tell the meaning of artistic imagination. Towards the end...
    • Journal 110

    • Journal 110

    • Margaret’s will, Western culture, Christianity, Richard Wright, Economic, Government, Southern Literature, Politics, Black immigration, American Naturalism

    • The main highlights of this journal, which was written from August to October 1981 were Margaret Walker declaring her wishes, expressed her belief that religion should be Christo-centric, and mentioned the protestant reformation. Margaret Walker...
    • Journal 112

    • Journal 112

    • Religion, Jesus Christ, Black Church, John Powell, WEB Dubois Award, Israel, Novelist, Women Writer, Author, African American Writer, Southern Cookery, Segregation, United States, Politics, Government, Economics, Civil War, Ole Miss, Family,...

    • In journal 112, Margaret Walker talks about the progress she made in her book "On the Personality of Jesus Christ" and outlines the several different believes on the divinity of Jesus Christ. She also talks about Richard Wright and black psychology...
    • Journal 123

    • Journal 123

    • Wright Richard, United States, Government, Southern Crusade, Eugene Redmond, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, Civil Rights, Autobiography, Holiday - Easter, Poetry, Authors, Work Schedules, Family

    • Margaret Walker writes about her personal, work and family life in this journal, which covers the year of 1988. She started by writing about how and when the personality of a person develops, under the heading "The Web of Childhood". She then goes...
    • Journal 127

    • Journal 127

    • Astrology, Fiction, Poetry, Genealogy, Cookery, Richard Wright, Black Women writer, African American Scholars, United States, Politics, Racism, Letters, Segregation, Government

    • The opening of this journal which was written in c.1990, Margaret Walker wrote sympathy letter to Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Eugle for the death of their husband who happens to be her colleague. A letter to editor at Yale University press asking the...
    • Journal 128

    • Journal 128

    • Prayer, Family, Civil Rights, Jesse Jackson, Politics, United States, Government, History, Racism, Creative Writing, Autobiography, Southern Literature, Christian, Bible, Richard Wright

    • Journal 128 was written in January, April of 1990. Margaret Walker opens this journal with a prayer, thanking God for allowing her to see a new year and a new decade. In her writing, she reflected in previous year and said it was busy but...
    • Journal 131

    • Journal 131

    • Family, Spirituality, Reflection, Feminism, Government, Astrology, Religion

    • Journal 131 was written in 1992. Margaret Walker writes about projects to be done, recalling her busy schedule and her inability to get writing done due to her health problems. She writes about her family trip to Mardi Gras, her speech at Tougaloo...


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